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PixelDemon's Affiliation to Namecheap

I am excited and proud to be able to offer my clients and blog readers amazing discounts, thanks to PixelDemon's affiliation to Namecheap . This has enabled me to offer my clients and readers the ability to be able to afford web hosting, SSL's, VPS, Domain names and much more at a fraction of the cost of many other providers.

Having a reliable and trustworthy host for your website is so important these days. Having a website that is constantly down or slow due to a provider who limits bandwidth or has poor equipment is not what you want or need in business.

There has been an increase of internet users over the last 5 years. The internet is literally at our fingertips, through use of laptops/desktops, mobile phones, tablets and even smart watches. It is so easily accessible to users these days that the increase is sure to continue on an upwards trend.

This said how do you choose which provider to pick? There are many factors to look at such has bandwidth allocation, dose the provider use HDD or SSD, do they provide free email or not? and if so how many accounts do you get and what functionality dose those accounts have? There is so much to consider. I have done a lot of research over the years and used many companies, I have recently been drawn towards Namecheap and i am glad that i found them. I have never had a problem with their network, uptime is amazing and speed is fantastic. They have some great offers and currently you can Get 77% discount on this super creative domain – just $9.88!, so why not take advantage and click now!